by Trillion feat Lewka

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in 2010 I was inspired to write this song after listening to a series of talks by ex-teacher and homeschooling advocate John Taylor Gatto - about the hidden agenda behind the schooling system.

in 2011 I dropped the 2nd verse I had written and invited Lewka into the song. He sent me his parts, but I never finished the track.

on October 24th 2018, Lewka sadly passed away after a year long battle with a rare cancer of the spine.

I decided to finish this track in his memory.

also included in this download are 3 pdf books:
1. Shout Outs From a Brazen Bull by Lewka Peel [2011]
2. Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto - The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling [2002]
3. Principles of Secondary Education by Alexander James Inglis [1918]


released October 24, 2020

music / production by Trillion.
artwork by Jody and Sienna.

LYRICS by Trillion:

[from 2020]
form to fill - sign and I’m on track
every time I scribble my name it’s a contract

every con-tract another padlock to the cage

another bar on the jail - a paradox on the page

the system wants me uniformed and steady billed
my form to be ready filled
the norm for the treading mill 

my force field ready tilled
my life, corn to the mill
but I was born of free will
with no form to fill

[from 2010]
We raise incompetent staff - but always locked in a task
Forced to operate fast, but never prompted to ask
I’m from a bottomless class - I never wanted to pass
Cos they stomp on the hearts of those ensconced in the arts

Some know the scope of the quotes and have the means to decode
And see the motor and mode that keeps machines on the road
It keeps the poor enslaved in factories afar
And keeps the door to the brave new world actually ajar

Habit keeps the ruling class at the top of the charts
And the schools and classes always chopped in to parts
Locked into lies, glasses propped onto eyes - reading the future
Minds confined and adjusted to believe in the tutor

who believed in her tutor, who believed in his
Naive cos no-one knows they’re deceive or who conceived the quiz
School is used to diagnose the social roles of blokes and dolls
Separate the social poles and impose remote controls

[from 2010]
‘You and me…’ we’ve all got a form to fill in the end

keep on pushing away from the box
or we'll never be free from the chains and the locks
i'm pushed into a dark-room developing negative stereotypes
even in very low lights these photographs don't lie
plus my eyes are periscope pipes…

we’re really locked into an underground box
we should be shifting off the rocks and lifting the blocks
it's an adaptive function adjusted to meet the slave arrangements
activate a punch-in card, have lunch in a yard
and speak in paper statements

[from 2020]
this culture makes me nervous and feel worthless

this feeling is a disservice to my real purpose
burdens blurry, dark feelings surface really early,

I need nurture - to feel worthy on this healing journey

I’m clearly yearning for the true sense of being
a sensitive being’s deep ascent with senses freeing 
intensive - a sentient sent to the senseless 

to end the insensitive sentence

the dollar and cent incentives, surveillance centres,

centrists interests and the empty census -
we’re beings affirmed in a pre-caste norm

but I’m free-formed earth - I can see past form

The true self is formless
When I tap into the pureness - potential is enormous

and if I ignore and depart from this universal torus…
energy field - the heart it will mourn this

the loss of possible abilities - infinite possibilities
intimate crossed agilities - riches and lost liberties.
When we squash the host of hostilities, killer bees

and open heart oft we make the most of lost inner keys

getting back to basics - hack the matrix
carry a back pack that is weightless 

we live a pure joy and freedom that’s contagious
and actually, this action is creating our oasis


all rights reserved



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