FIRE WORKS (play version only)

by Trillion



FIRE WORKS has been remixed & remastered (with one more track added) and is being released digitally and on VINYL by MONKEY RECORDS on JUNE 2nd 2017!!!

to purchase the new version of this album, please go here:

Sticks and Stones remix doesnt appear on the new version of the album, but is still a free download here - click on the track and put ZERO in the purchase box. ENJOY!


I was half way through creating this album when my loyal laptop died (2011 - 2016 RIP). I was lucky to have my data saved - and continued the project on a slow old 2006 macbook that I borrowed. Despite 'the blues' I managed to overcome adversaries and achieve some good results.

I hope you enjoy listening to these tracks as much as I enjoyed creating and working on them!!

here's a story not many people know:

At the end of 1997 I was approached by Universal NZ to create a hip hop mixtape for release by them - selecting music from their catalogue for the mix (50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre etc). At the time it wasn't really my thing, so I declined the offer, so they asked DJ Sirvere - the mixtape became the Major Flavors series.

I put forward what I thought was a better offer (at least for me), as I'd always wanted to do a Blues Remix album... and my offer was accepted! I listened through most of Universal's blues catalogue and selected 12 remix-able tracks, from thousands of tunes - and spent the next 6 months working on the project.

It would work like this: Universal would retain copyright of the tracks - and I include one track of my own, which I would generate royalties from. I wrote a song called Minute Stars (which was re-recorded in 2007 here: ).

In May 1998 Universal and Polygram merged and Universal NZ was ordered to tighten their belts resulting in many small projects getting rejected. Universal NZ were still interested in the blues remixes, but had no money to spend on it. The album really needed professional mixing and mastering, but the boss said that wasn't possible through them, but if I wanted to cover it, then I could recoup it from royalties with my original track... It would take selling 6000 CDs for me to make that money back, and at the time seemed impossible. So I bowed my head and left the meeting...

My relationship with Universal continued as my band Dark Tower was also signed for a licensing deal. in June 1999 at a Universal 'friday drinks', I was called into the boss's office "have you heard Moby's new album? - it's amazing!!! It sounds a bit like what you were making... that could have been you!!" That moment was deep stab in the heart - and Moby went on to sell over 10 MILLION copies of Play.

This album doesn't contain any of the original tracks I remixed in 1998, but it satisfies my desire and hunger to finish a project with a similar feel to the album that only a few people ever heard way back when.



released June 2, 2017

all piano, synths, programming, sampling, production by TRILLION
tracks 1 & 9 contain trumpet by Farley Sangels from Hong Kong.

∞ many of the blues vocal samples are accapella's from 1947-1950

All tracks can be re-mixed/mastered for any labels interested in investing in releasing this album on CD or Vinyl.



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